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National Association of Pastoral Musicians: Wichita Chapter

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June 2019

NPM Wichita Noteworthy - June

June 24 - Ice Cream, Handbells, and Choral Music Reading Session - Music List Handout

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

May 2019

April 2019

NPM Wichita Noteworthy - April

April 28 - Annual Members' Meeting - Church of the Magdalen

Young Liturgical Musicians Awards

March 2019

NPM Wichita Noteworthy - March

March 9 - Musician's Workshop for SE Kansas - St. Joseph - Humboldt, KS

NPM Wichita Noteworthy - February

January 2019

NPM Wichita Noteworthy - January

January 26 - Annual Musician's Workshop - St. James, Augusta - Program

Sessions Included: Cantor, Organ, Piano, The Aging Voice, Meinrad Chant, Reading Music, Sacred Music

Fr. John Hay

Sacred Music

Jim Jones

Meinrad Chant